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MADRID, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- The films Tarde para la Ira (The Fury of a Patient Man), directed by Raul Arevalo and A Monster Calls by J.A Bayona became the two major winners of the Goya cinema awards held in Madrid on Saturday night.

The Goyas can be considered to be the "Spanish Oscars' highlighting the work of the Spanish film industry.

The Fury of a Patient Man won four of the awards, including the best film and the best debut for a director, best original script, along with best supporting actor which went to Manolo Solo.

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Emma Suarez was named Best Actress, for her role in Pedro Almodovar's Julieta, while Best Actor was won by Roberto Alamo for the movie Que Dios nos Perdone (May God Forgive Us) and Ana Belen was given an honorary Goya for her longstanding services to the Spanish film industry.

The Importance Of Water Well Services TX June 28, 2016 | Author: Kathleen Rogers | Posted in Home and Family

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