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If you cannot heat your home sufficiently in the colder months, then you could be at risk of poor health and existing medical conditions such as asthma could be exacerbated. If you are concerned about being able to heat your home sufficiently well on your budget, then you may wish to look into wall insulation which could help you keep your home warmer for less.

Free Insulation

You may be on a low income and think that wall insulation is beyond your budget but, if you are one of the people who are struggling with fuel bills, then you might well qualify for free insulation. There are several grants available for people on low incomes to get wall insulation for free Miami Heat T-Shirts , or at a discount and it would be foolish not to look into this, as you could massively cut your energy bill by having cavity wall insulation installed in your home.

Cavity walls

Cavity walls are walls which have been constructed from two separate walls with an air gap in the middle. If you have these kinds of walls in your property, looking into cavity wall insulation is a must and will save you much money whilst keeping you toasty warm in the winter months.

How are cavity walls insulated?

The process of insulating cavity walls is a fairly simple one which will cause minimal disruption to you. Usually, a hole will be drilled on the exterior of your property and then an insulating material will be injected into the walls, where it will expand and provide an insulating barrier which will keep heat in your home where it belongs.

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