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BUENOS AIRES Karim Benzema France Jersey , Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The renowned British rock band Rolling Stones' front man Mick Jagger has been popping up in different parts of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, handily eluding fans as he sightsees between concerts.

During the group's stay in Argentina, one of the initial stops in their 2016 Ole Latin America tour, Jagger has been posting photos of himself enjoying the scenery incognito online.

""Mick Jagger continues playing hide and seek while sightseeing in the city,"" the state daily Telam headlined one story over the weekend.

On Friday Jeremy Mathieu France Jersey , the 73-year-old rock star posted on Twitter a photo of himself strolling unaccompanied through the city's famed La Recoleta Cemetery, where notable personages are buried.

""Just taking a walk through Argentina's history at Recoleta,"" reads the caption below the picture.

Another photo posted on Feb. 5 shows Jagger standing in front of a monument in Palermo, the city's bohemian enclave, with a caption saying ""Great to be back in Buenos Aires. Had a lovely walk in the park today. See you all at the show.""

Argentine fans are intrigued as to how he passed unnoticed in the city Hugo Lloris France Jersey , and most importantly, where he will show up next.

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